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Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothaches can give you a lot of problem and this is due to the bacterial infection in the gums or the teeth. Toothache is also due to tooth decay and this can occur all of a sudden causing a lot of unbearable pain and sufferings. The only way to get relief is to seek the help of a dentist but then there are certain home remedies that are useful in treating bacterial infections of the teeth and the gums thus preventing further damage or decay of the teeth.

The use of clove oil is recommended as it prevents the further decay of the tooth, clove oil can be applied on the gums as this will control the growth of the bacteria. Chewing cloves also is beneficial. Asafetida helps control toothache and this can be slightly heated adding a few drops of lime juice which can be used as a lotion and applied on the decayed tooth or tooth cavity. Chewing the bark of babool tree not only strengthens teeth but also stops gum bleeding. Toothache can also be alleviated if a piece of onion is placed on the decayed tooth apart from this a mixture of black pepper powder with a pinch of clove oil is also known to alleviate toothache.

Ice compresses are also known to give temporary relief to toothaches. Brushing your teeth after every meal is also beneficial for treating toothaches. An aromatic herb Marjoram or Marwa is also useful in treating toothaches. Chewing of fresh spinach leaves is also known to give you relief from toothaches. Chewing guava leaves gives you instant relief from toothaches. Application of a mixture of salt and pepper on the affected tooth is also known to give relief.

Avoid drinking cold drinks or too hot drinks as these are known to initiate tooth pain. A few drops of vanilla extracts on the aching tooth also give you relief from tooth pain as it is an instant pain killer. Garlic has many properties and it is also useful in treating toothache, keeping a piece of garlic clove on the affected tooth gives you relieve from toothache while raw onion is known to destroy the bacteria formation thus giving you relief from toothache.

Applying ice packs on the affected tooth numbs the tooth thus giving you temporary relief. Another remedy for toothache is drinking the juice of wheatgrass regularly as it has other health benefits apart from relieving you of your toothache. Rinsing your mouth with a pinch of salt added to water or even whiskey is also beneficial for toothache problems. A pinch of turmeric powder added to mustard oil is a good applicator on your tooth as it relieves you of your toothaches and is known to give you instant relief. Margosa bark and cloves boiled and cooled is useful in treating toothaches as its application on the decayed tooth gives you instant relief from toothache.

Cultivating a good health hygiene helps relieve you of many a minor and major health related ailments. Eating a well-balanced nutritional food also goes a long way in keeping a good hygiene.


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