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Home Remedies for Sunburns, Sun Burn

Sunburns are caused when you are exposed to direct ultra violet rays. These ultra violet rays are known to damage your skin causing burn injuries. Protecting yourself from these ultra violet rays is important as these sunburns can cause skin diseases. Gearing yourself with protection is important and the best way is to use sunscreen lotions, scarf and goggles. These gears protect your head and eyes from the harmful effects of these rays.

There are home remedies that will help you protect yourself from these sunburns along with the use of protective gears. Home remedies are known to be effective in treating all the three degrees of burns that are caused due to the exposure of sun’s rays. They not only help remove these sunburns but also help cool down your body during those hot summer months. Eating fruits with plenty of water contents is also useful as these fruits will keep your body fully hydrated.

Home remedies for sunburns :-

Increase the intake of fluids or liquids helps keep you cool and hydrated. Avoid going out in the sun or avoid exposure to direct sunlight prevents sunburns. Oils like sandalwood oil and coconut oil are known to give cooling effect and are effective in treating sunburns. A soft massage with a mixture of vinegar and olive oil before bath is also effective in treating sunburns. Application of sandalwood paste on the sunburnt area gives it a soothing effect as well as helps quicken the healing process of the skin.

Application of onion slices gives a soothing and cooling effect to the body. A soft massage of neem oil or coconut oil before and after bath prevents sunburns. Spicy and pungent foods are known to generate heat in the body thus avoid eating foodstuffs that generate heat in the body. Aloe Vera juice gives a soothing effect to the internal body parts as well as cleanses the body system. Application of aloe Vera gel on the area of sunburns gives it a soothing affects as well clears the skin of all the burn scars.

Taking bath with cold water or cold water showers are known to give a soothing effect to the skin as it cools down the entire body this is one alternate method of cooling down the entire body immediately. Eating small pieces of raw mangoes with a pinch of salt and sugar or drinking the juice of raw mangoes with salt and a little sugar added three to four times a day is also helpful in cooling down your body.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in water content is also beneficial as it prevents the body from attacks of sunstrokes as well as keeps the body well hydrated. Use of anti-bacterial soap on the sunburnt area keeps infections at bay. Washing the affected sunburnt area with baking soda will give you relief from the burning sensation caused due to sunburns. Application of oatmeal soaked in water for a while on the sunburnt area also gives you relief.


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