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Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore Throat as you know is caused when there is an inflammation on the back side lining of the throat. Sore throat can be due to cold and cough. It has also been noticed that swollen tonsils can also lead to sore throat and sometimes throat infections can also be one of the reasons. Usually sore throat is a passing phase and lasts for about a week.

There are many home remedies to help you overcome sore throat.

The first thing that you need to do is to increase the intake of water or liquids. You also need to keep your house well ventilated as damp and humid rooms also lead to cold and cough ultimately leading to sore throat. A gargle of warm water with a pinch of salt several times helps clear throat infections. A pinch of turmeric added to this is also useful as it helps clear the throat and relieves you not only of cold and cough but also clears your throat as turmeric has anti-septic properties.

Drinking a glass of warm or hot water with lemon juice and honey added to it will relieve you of your problem. Drinking chamomile tea with honey and lemon is also beneficial. Another home remedy is to cut a lemon and sprinkle salt and pepper on one of the pieces pressing it so that the mixture of salt and pepper penetrates properly into the cut piece. Warming this lemon and slowly licking this warm lemon also benefits in clearing your throat problem. Drinking chives and scallions which has been simmered in water for a few minutes also helps treating sore throat.

Epsom salt bath also helps treat sore throat. Margo bark has shown it effectiveness in treating sore throat as chewing this bark helps clear sore throat. Chewing garlic cloves coated with honey and cayenne gives you relief from sore throat. Chewing the leaves of holy basil gives you relief or you can drink water which is boiled in these leaves. A decoction of apple cider vinegar with ¼ spoon of honey, pinch of pepper and a teaspoon of honey if taken 3-4 times a day will give you relief from sore throat.

Drinking water boiled with blossoms of chamomile is also effective in treating sore throat. Fenugreek seeds boiled in water and used for gargling cures you of your sore throat problem. Boiling water with chopped parsley with a teaspoon of myrrh and a few cloves is not only a good mouth freshener but also a sore throat reliever. Swallowing 1tsp of honey after every hour which has onion pieces in it is known to give you instant relief from your throat infection and throat problem.

Gargling with a decoction made from the leaves of henna also benefits apart from this gargling with a mixture of boiled cooled water containing vinegar and honey also benefits you. Avoid oily foodstuffs and drinking cold water and other aerated drinks as these are known to aggravate your sore throat problem causing more infection.


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