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Home Remedies for Muscle Strain

Muscle pain can affect anyone and of any age, injury to the knees, ankle, elbows and wrists can all lead to muscle strain or sprain. In this process the muscles swell up causing pain and this is due to the inflammation of the muscle. Broken bones can also lead to the pain or strain in the muscles. Most of the muscle strains or muscle sprains can be treated using home remedies. Muscular sprains even imply that there is a tear in the muscle fibers as well as those tendons and ligaments that are attached to these muscles. Undue pressure on the muscles also leads to muscle strains this is more so when you lift heavy weights, performing tasks where there is constant bending, activities like sports where there is the stretch of the muscles etc. Muscle tear can cause bleeding in the local area as well as damage the small blood vessels causing much pain and irritation.

Swelling, redness, bruises or sometimes open cuts are all a consequence of muscle strain or muscular injury. Sometimes pain in a specific joint or muscle is also a reason for muscle strain. Weakness of the tendons and ligaments can lead to muscle strain causing muscular injury or wear and tear of the muscular ligaments. X-rays help to diagnose any broken bones. Cold compress can be used to help relieve the swelling as well as the pain in the area of injury. Avoid activities that can lead to the further wear and tear of the muscles.

Application of clove oil on muscle strain is useful to relieve muscular strain. Garlic has also found its effectiveness in treating muscle strain as it has anti-inflammatory properties and is also effective in treating arthritis as well as rheumatism. Elastic bandage also provides support as well as helps decrease the swelling in the affected area. Pepper powder fried in sesame oil until this pepper powder is completely charred is used as an analgesic liniment to treat muscle strain.

Hot water with a little Epsom salt added to this water is also useful in treating muscle strain. Avoid activities that involve heavy weights thus preventing further damage to the muscles. Increase the intake of foodstuffs that are rich in calcium and potassium as these are essential for the strengthening the bones and muscles. Ginger powder is also known to help relieve you of muscle pain thus taking 1tabsp of ginger powder with a glass of water twice daily is effective in preventing muscle strain. Ashwagandha has been used to treat rheumatism, erectile problems, weak immunity etc. It also has anti-inflammatory properties thus relieving you of muscle pain. Shallaki an herb extensively used in Ayurveda medication has been in use since ancient time to muscle strain to treat rheumatoid arthritis and helps reduce the pain and swelling that most rheumatoid arthritis people complain about especially during early morning hours. Shallaki has also proved effective as a pain reliever as it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps speed up the formation of carilages and also improves the circulation of the blood to the muscles and body joints.


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