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Home Remedies for Indigestion

Indigestion can lead to a lot of discomfort. This problem of indigestion is due to your food habits. Indigestion can also be due to acidity, constipation etc. All these problems are inter-related. Changing your food habits and bringing about a change in your lifestyle and avoiding certain foodstuffs like spicy, oily and junk food.

Mentioned below are certain time tested home remedies which have proved its effectiveness to treat various stomach problems including indigestion.

Indigestion can lead to many bodily ailments and as the food does not get properly digested it leads to many problems. Apart from constipation, acidity, gastric disorders indigestion also affects your day to day routine. It not only makes you feel restless but also makes you feel uneasy and lethargic. Unnecessary dieting, starving, illness both minor and major all leads to indigestion. Side effects of certain medication also lead to indigestion.

Baking soda mixed in equal parts of water should be drunk immediately and this helps relieve even the feeling of digestion. 1 tsp. of jeera or cumin seeds mixed in a glass of water adding to it 1 tsp. of fresh coriander juice with a pinch of salt if taken twice in a day helps relieve the problem of indigestion. Aniseeds are also useful in relieving your indigestion problem. Eating these seeds after meals helps in proper digestion of food and prevents the problems related to indigestion and other stomach ailments.

Warm water mixed with lemon juice taken at least three times a day is known to help improve your digestion. Fresh buttermilk as such is beneficial to health but fresh buttermilk with a couple of teaspoons of fresh coriander juice helps treat many a stomach disorders. Papaya fruit is helpful in giving relief and helps clear your bowel movements thus preventing problems related to indigestion.

Chewing celery leaves helps in digestion and relieves problems like indigestion, acidity, gastric disorders etc. A teaspoon of ajwain seeds or celery soaked in fresh buttermilk for a few hours should then be grounded in the same buttermilk this if taken helps relieve you of your indigestion problem. Cinnamon is very effective in treating stomach disorders and if a tablespoon of cinnamon powder in water taken after every meal with a gap of an hour helps relieves indigestion and flatulence.

Cardamom powder mixed with powdered cloves, ginger powder and coriander has shown to be effective in solving your problem of indigestion. Cloves are known to promote enzymatic secretion and flow to help boost the proper functioning of your digestive system. Walking for half an hour on a daily basis helps not only the proper digestion of your food but also increases your metabolic activities thus helping burn more fats and preventing ageing process. Apart from this a mixture of curry leaves with lemon juice and sugar is known to boost your digestive system and relieve you of problems caused due to indigestion. Increasing your water intake leads to proper digestion of food thus preventing stomach disorders. A keeping a track of foodstuffs that leads to indigestion and avoiding eating those things also goes a long way in preventing indigestion.


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