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Home Remedies for Depression

Depression is one such mental ailment which is deep rooted and if proper care is not taken it can lead to suicidal tendencies too. The reason for depression could be many. Long standing ailments, stress, hormonal changes, discontentment in martial relationships, unfriendly working conditions, death in the family, loss in business etc. Apart from this the pressure of pleasing everyone, unable to say no to any work or relationship can all lead to depression.

In case you are mentally disturbed with certain change of events you need to talk it out with people you have faith in and get it out of your mind. In case of unpleasant working conditions you need to talk with your seniors and discuss your problem and try to overcome these small but relevant issues which could later develop into major psychiatric problems which may or may not be curable.

Getting a psychiatric treatment is recommended when things are out of your hands but then there are certain home remedies that will help you overcome depression in the initial stages and help you overcome this feeling of depression.

Mentioned below are a few home remedies that have proved its effectiveness to overcome depression.

Cardamom seeds boiled in tea give a soothing and pleasing fragrance and aroma thus help sooth your overworked nerves. Ashwagandha and brahmi are known to relieve the stress and strain of your brain nerves thus an equal portion of both these two when steeped in a cup of water for about 10-15 minutes and taken 3-4 times a day helps release mental stress. You can sooth your stressed out nerves by lying down in a darkened room for an hour or so will give you relief.

Tea with a mixture of basil or tulsi along with sag if taken twice helps relieve you of your depression. This mixture should be in a ratio of 1:2 and should be taken in hot water. Apart from this you should take up activities or hobbies to keep you busy so that negative thoughts do not enter your mind. Exercising also helps keep you fresh; meeting up people, socializing also goes a long way to help overcome depression.

Listening to light or soft music helps you, meditation, yoga, Ti-Chi are all techniques to help you overcome depression. Learn to say no as it is not easy to please everyone and in trying to please everyone and you end up hurting yourself. Menopause is a time where there are a number of hormonal changes that goes on in the female body thus leading to depression the best way is to do activities that you are interested in and keep depression at bay. Yet another thing is to be punctual and do things that are within your capacity and not overburden yourself thus preventing unwanted mental stress which again leads to depression. Time management is important to help overcome depression.

Taking ample of rest and getting the much required hours of sleep also helps overcome depression.


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