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Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is a problem which occurs due to irregular bowel movement and this problem can lead to other body problems as this problem of constipation could be due to improper food digestion, less of water intake in the body, fasting etc. Constipation can also be due to low metabolic rate of the body. Effects of illness could lead to this problem of constipation as this could be one of the reactions of modern day medications. Use of laxatives is often recommended by doctors but then these laxatives should not be taken regularly as the body’s system will become addicted to these laxatives and after a period of time these laxatives will be ineffective in treating your problem of constipation.

Home remedies are safe and harmless and at the same time they are effective in treating problems like constipation etc. These home remedies are low costing and easily available and has been used since ancient times all over the world but with different names. Mentioned below are certain simple but easy to follow home remedies to help you overcome your problem of constipation.

Ripened pulp of bael fruit is a very effective laxative as it helps not only cleanse up the intestine but it also tones up the same, care should be taken that you don’t get habituated to the same. Warm milk not only acts as a soothing agent to your nerves but it also helps relieve you of your problem of constipation so make it a point to drink warm milk before bedtime and in case you have a severe problem of constipation then adding a couple of teaspoon of castor oil will help clean up your bowel.

Aloe Vera has been useful to treat various kinds of ailments like acne, burns, acidity etc. a couple of teaspoon of this juice taken twice helps regulated proper bowel movement. If children are suffering from constipation than a stalk of betel leaf if dipped in lukewarm castor oil and if introduced in the rectum is known to give them instant relief. 1 teaspoon of Corn syrup if added to 4ml of water and taken daily is known to relieve you of your constipation problem. Sugar or a little extra honey added to milk and if taken twice helps relieve you of your constipation problem.

Soak date overnight in ½ cup of water this should be mashed in the morning and drinking the water four times a day after staining it is known to give you relief from constipation. 50 grams of cassia pulp if soaked overnight and taken in the morning also gives you relief, half a teaspoon of honey if taken with ½ a glass of warm water twice daily also gives you relief. Equal quantity of olive oil and orange juice cures constipation and drinking warm water and exercising regularly also helps relieve you of constipation.

Sat Isabgol or psyllium taken with warm milk or warm water, taking plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet along with salads, chewing your food properly and eating a well-balanced nutritional diet helps regulate proper bowel movements.


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