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Home Remedies for Cold

Seasonal changes can bring about a lot of small bodily problems and the first problem that anyone faces is that of cold and cough. This could be a minor one that would go away with the help of cough syrup etc. But then persistent cold and can lead to headaches, fever, chills etc. The best precaution that one can take against seasonal changes is making use of the various home remedies to keep these minor ailments at bay. There are many simple but effective home remedies that will come handy in case you suffer from cold and cough.

These home remedies are not only easily available but are also harmless and does not have any side effects. These home remedies are found in your kitchen and thus come handy when you are in emergency.

Listed below are some of these effective home remedies to treat you and give you relief from cold.

Firstly, for a dry and stuffy nose you can try this instant home remedy nasal drop by adding 1 quarter of a teaspoon of salt to 4-5ml of lukewarm water to open up your blocked nose. Garlic has shown to have a great potential in treating many an ailments like it is used to treat acidity, acne, arthritis, heart ailments etc. It has found its usefulness in treating cold too; all you need to do is to add a few drops of garlic oil or garlic juice to 1 teaspoon of onion juice which should be diluted in one cup of water this remedy has been effectively used to treat common cold. Vicks vapor rub is also useful in treating common cold.

A very unique Indian style of treating common cold is to dip a face cloth or a face towel in very cold water and squeezing out all the water from this cloth and folding it and put on the forehead is known to cure you of your cold. Finely grated apple spread on a double-layered cheesecloth applied on the forehead as well as a poultice made from the same applied on the throat as well as chest which left for an hour or so helps relieve you of your cold.

Equal amount of ginger juice and honey mixed together and taken thrice a day helps relieve you of your cold and the same remedy is useful in winter but then you need to take this mixture with warm water. Drinking half a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoonful of lemon juice and honey is also effective in relieving you of your common cold. A combination of tea like that of linden flower tea, mint leaves and lemon added tea, tea with lemon and honey, tea with oregano leaves or tea with skinned apple helps not only clear your throat but also helps in improving your taste buds.

Cardamom, black pepper, ginger powder and cinnamon all in equal parts ground into a fine powder is an effective remedy to treat common cold. Keeping yourself warm and drinking hot vegetable soup also helps give you relief from common cold.


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