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Home Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is a problem that people face as they grow older, this is because the body starts wearing off and the lubrication that is between the joints of the bones is slowly but steadily lessening due to age. The problem of arthritis can lead to restricted movements thus aggravating the problem with the slightest movement. This problem of arthritis is also due to the decrease in the calcium deficiency in the body. People over the age of 40 have shown to have a slow but gradual decrease in the level of calcium in the body and women even in their late thirties have shown a slow but gradual decrease in the calcium level. Calcium supplements are the best remedy to help overcome this problem.

Apart from this arthritis leads to painful joint problems, swelling in the finger joints, knee joints etc. This problem is aggravated during monsoon months when there is humidity in the air as well as in the winter months. Obesity is also a reason for the problem of arthritis.

Home remedies are useful to help overcome this problem of arthritis. Mentioned below are certain home remedies to help relieve your problem of arthritis:-

Honey mixed with lemon juice if taken twice daily with warm water is known to help cure arthritis. Juice extracted from the leaves of the bathua taken on empty stomach for a couple of months helps relieve arthritis. Turmeric powder and warm water also helps to cure you of arthritis. Tea of Alfalfa also helps you of arthritis problem. Apple cider vinegar with equal amount of honey dissolved in a glass of warm water if taken twice daily also brings in relief.

Olive oil and kerosene oil in a ratio of two is to one when applied to the joints helps bring instant relief. Drinking orange juice mixed with one tablespoon of cod liver oil at bed time helps give you relief from arthritis. Applying sandalwood paste to the joints gives it a soothing effect and also rubbed gently helps relieve you of the joint pain. Eating raw garlic is also known to benefit you and relieve you of your pain apart from this the garlic clove when fried in ghee or castor oil also helps give you relief from arthritis.

Eating ½ teaspoon of guggulu after each meal with a little warm water is also beneficial, exercising and applying hot water packs on the joints also helps relieve you of your joint problem. Fresh fruits and vegetable juices like carrot juice, vegetable soups, cucumber juice, coconut water, cooked vegetables etc. and massages on a daily bases also helps relieve you of your pain. Walnuts when eaten on an empty stomach also help relieve you of your pain so also eating coconut. Stress is known to lead to many bodily ailments and arthritis is one of them so the best remedy is to avoid any tensions, stress, and grief or for that matter depression. Obesity leads to various problems and arthritis is also one such problem associated with obesity. Maintaining a good health and an ideal weight is recommended to keep arthritis at bay.


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