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Home Remedies for Acidity

What is Acidity?

Burning sensation in the esophagus is due to acidity. The reason for this could be due to the extra secretion of the digestive juices which are secreted in the stomach to help digest the food properly. The reason for acidity is also due to irregular eating habits. Apart from this foodstuffs that are very hot and spicy can also lead to acidity. Certain medications can also lead to acidity. This problem of acidity has been a universal problem and people have been finding ways and means to get rid of this problem.

Acidity has been a problem faced by people down the ages and there have been many herbal remedies to treat this ailment though a minor one can lead to major problems if left untreated. Today there are many modern day medications to help treat acidity like antacids etc., but people still prefer to take herbal medications to treat this seemingly innocent problem.

Your kitchen itself is a store house for treating many ailments if you have a complete knowledge of the condiments that are used in the kitchen.

Listed below are certain harmless remedies to help treat acidity, apart from these there are certain herbs which are also useful in treating acidity.

Holy basil or tulsi leaves are known to help solve problems like nausea, gastric problems, burning sensation etc. all you need to do is to chew a few of these leaves and you will surely be relieved of your problem. Sucking on a piece of jiggery or gur slowly is also known to help subside this problem of acidity and this can be repeated every few hours till the problem is no longer persistent. Fruits like bananas, watermelon and cucumber are known to give a cooling effect on the digestive system thus taking these every hour will help solve your problem.

Tender coconut has got a lot of health benefits and it is also known to help relive heartburn problems, almonds which is rich in vitamin E is also known to help you overcome the symptom of heartburn, the fastest relief for heartburn is to drink a glass of cold milk. Harad or terminalia chebula is also useful in treating the problem of acidity but then you need to chew on a piece of this after each and every meal.

Clove is also known to relieve you from the problem of acidity, drinking of fresh mint juice is highly recommended after meals to help you overcome the problem of acidity. Mint leaves are known for promoting easy digestion. Amla or gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin c and drinking the juice of amla with a tsp. of chebulic myroblan everyday will help keep the problem of acidity at bay.

Garlic also has been used to treat the problem of acidity especially if eaten raw, apart from this garlic is also beneficial in treating heart ailments too. Taking equal amount of natural apple cider vinegar along with honey mixed in a glass of water before each meal is known to help prevent acidity and heartburns.


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