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Stretch Marks - Cured by Vitamin E Treatments?

Everyone around is aware of the word stretch marks. These are white lines formed on the skin due to sudden increase or decrease in the weight of any human. You can notice pre aging wrinkles on the skin too because of over exposure in the sun light.

But the main question here is how to remove these wrinkles or stretch marks from the skin and gain the beauty back. Vitamin E is considered as the most powerful way of regaining the beauty of the skin. It is been used in the soaps too from years to get a healthy body and glorious skin. It helps in healing the tissues and scars. The cells of the scars are cured with the help of vitamin E.

First we need to know that what is Vitamin E and how it works for our skin to make it glorious and healthy. Vitamin E is an anti oxidant which is helpful in getting rid of many skin problems like preventing Alzheimer’s cancer, autoimmune diseases and damages to skin.

Free radical damage harm the skin very much and thus affects the collagen of the skin and make it loose too skin is mainly made up of these two things only and any damage to these two ingredients to the skin will affect the skin and create the problems like pre aging, wrinkles and marks on the skin. To protect the skin from any further problem many of us use lotions, trilastin stretch mark cream and sunscreens and from ages the main ingredient of these lotions are Vitamin E.

If Vitamin E is applied on the skin directly it will reduce the number of scars and stretch marks to a greater extend and applying directly on the skin will also increase its impact on the skin. Some people complain that Vitamin E is not working speedily as per their expectations but on the other hand others are very much satisfied with the use of Vitamin E rich lotions and they are noticing major changes in their skin. This difference can be because of their pattern of using the lotion. A sincere effort from the user's side is essential to get good results. Only blaming the lotion is not enough. One must use it twice a day to keep the wrinkles away. One should himself or herself choose the best quality product first and then should use it on regular basis with sincere efforts.

Only applying vitamin E is not sufficient for having good skin but should also use vitamin E rich food in the diet too. The quantity of vitamin E should be increased in the diet chart. Following items should be increased:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Almond and nuts
  • Sunflower seed kernels
  • Spinach and other green leafy vegetables
  • Broccoli
  • Peanut butter
  • Fortified cereals

The U.S diet chart has advised to have 10mg of Vitamin E for men and 8 mg of Vitamin E for women. If this diet chart will be followed by the people the skin problems will stay away from them for ever.


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