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Rose Aromatherapy

Rose flower is the queen of all flowers as it is the most sought after flower for its sweet fragrance and for all the advantages that this flower has. It not only has an enchanting quality of pleasing people but it has a lot of health related properties. Aromatherapy makes full use of this beautiful flower as it is known to help relax and sooth your over-strained mind and body. This flower is not just a mode of exchange between people it also has the fragrance of making you calm down within a short span of time.

Certain known and unknown facts about rose oil:-

Rose oil is obtained by distillation process and to get 1 ounce of this oil nearly 60,000 roses are used and for 1 drop of this oil you need 60 roses and so does the cost of this oil shoot up. This oil has a lot of health benefits as it is known to relieve stress and sooth your mind, body and soul. Roses are also a symbol of love and they are known to suit all types of skin. It has been told and proved that the fragrance of this flower is known to capture the imagination and hearts of many. Rose is also known to cure minor problems like nausea, vomiting and constipation. The fragrance of this oil is so charismatic that it not only attracts the opposite person but also leaves a lasting effect on the mind. Rose oil mixed with chamomile oil relieves you of cold, cough and sore throat.

What are the uses of roses in aromatherapy?

Rosa Damacena and Bulgarian Damask are two different varieties of roses which go into the process of distillation for the manufacturing of aromatic rose oil. Rose oil finds its uses in many forms like it is used as massage oils, in warm water baths, as diffusers etc. Today you get deodorants and perfumes having rose fragrance. These perfumes and deodorants not only have magnificent fragrance but leave a lasting effect on the mind and body. This oil not only refreshes your mind but also makes you feel calm and relaxed. When mixed with other oils rose oil is known to bring about a drastic mood change and behavior in a person.

Use of rose oil in facial creams - mix 4 ounces of rose oil in ½ ounce of beeswax this mixture should be melted using double boiler to this melted mixture 3 ounces of distilled water should be added and stirred well, it should then be removed from heat to this a few drops of rose oil should be added as it gives enchanting fragrance and works effectively. This mixture should be left to cool down; your home made rose facial cream is ready. This rose facial cream can be used even those who have sensitive skin. Rose oil has found its usefulness in treating eczema, stress, frigidity, depression and mature skin.

You need to consult a qualified practitioner before you use this oil internally, seek advice if you are suffering from other skin ailments; keep the oil out of children’s reach and pregnant women should avoid the use of this oil.


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