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Massage Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be applied in many ways but then the most commonly used and reliable mode of treatment is using massage aromatherapy. This mode of treatment is known to give immediate and ultimate results. This method is one that is being used widely all over the world. Aromatherapy is a therapy wherein you massage your body or body parts using one or more of these essential oils. Mentioned below are certain aromatic oils which are used for the purpose of body massage: Geranium, rosemary wood, eucalyptus, lavender, tea-tree, garlic, peppermint, jasmine, rosewood etc.

There are nearly 300 or more varieties of aromatic herbs that can be found all over the world. Each country has its own method of massage and there is no specific do or don’ts when it comes to body massage.

Some of the ways that the massages are given are mentioned below.

Neuromuscular massage - In this mode of massage the massage is given in such a way that the autonomic nervous system’s functioning is restored and in this massage the massage is given at a particular point and this is known as trigger point.

Acupressure massage - Acupressure is a widely used mode of alternative treatment. In this method pressure is applied on various body channels by which the blockages in the body open up. In this method there is no need of any equipment and can be done anywhere. It only involves applying pressure on certain body parts which helps relieve you of your body pain and other bodily ailments; it has proved its effectiveness in treating even heart blocks, cold, cough etc.

Lymphatic massage - In this method the massage is given to the lymph glands and nodes so that there is an improvement in the functioning of the lymph glands and nodes by this method the immune system of the body is enhanced.

Swedish - This method of body massage was evolved by the Swedish people. This method is commonly used by almost all the people around the world. It involves the stroke method as this gives immediate relief to the body and helps relax the mind reducing mental stress as well as emotional imbalance.

Reflexology - In this method the involvement is basically of your feet. This method helps improve the body reflex and the pressure points are those of the feet as all the body parts are connected to the feet and it helps make you relax. In this massage you need to choose the aromatic oils but then it should be done wisely here the use of fragrance is not of importance but the ingredients that go into the aromatic oil is of importance. The need of holistic approach is important and certain strokes are given in such a way that the body feels completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Certain points to remember before you get a massage - You need to get permission from your doctor in case you are pregnant. Body massage should be avoided immediately after meals. If you are suffering from cancer or even if you are running temperature then massage should be avoided. Inflammation of joints or pain in the body parts if any then getting a body massage should be avoided.


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