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Eucalyptus Aromatherapy - It's Benefits

Aromatherapy is a science used to treat the human body by using essential oils that are extracts from plants, flowers and natural herbs. These oils are known to heal your body, mind and soul and the method by which these oils are used differ as these oils can be inhaled, massaged or used in baths. There are a number of such essential oils and each of these has their own properties. Certain aromatic oils which are used regularly are sandalwood, cedar wood, rose wood, eucalyptus, jasmine, clove, lavender, fennel etc.

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most commonly used essential oil and it is highly concentrated, this oil should be diluted before use. This oil has a lot of health benefits and is useful in getting the body rid of many a minor ailments like it is used to treat muscular pain, sinus, cold, poor circulation of blood in the body, headache, flu, congestion related problems etc. Eucalyptus oil finds its usefulness especially in treating respiratory related problems like breathing, cold etc. This oil is used mainly for the purpose of inhalation and though effective it can cause irritation to nose, throat etc. The need to be extra careful while using this oil in its undiluted form becomes necessary as it can cause burning sensation if it comes in direct contact with the eyes.

What are the advantages of eucalyptus oil?

One of the most popular and commonly used aromatic oil due to its special aroma and its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties this oil has its benefit for promoting blood oxygenation and repairing blood cells. It is also known to improve your blood circulation. Eucalyptus oil also finds its usefulness as helping clear respiratory related ailments like it frees the respiratory tract of mucous deposition and also helps get rid of cough and hay fever. It also finds its usefulness in treating asthma, bronchitis. It is used to treat sore throat problems.

Eucalyptus oil has good anti-bacterial properties and is used to treat many body infections. It is also used to treat malarial signs and symptoms and as it has a strong aroma it is used as an instant stress buster. To enhance the effect of this oil it can be used along with basil, lemon or peppermint. Eucalyptus oil is also used to relax and cool your mind rejuvenating the mind and making it easier to breathe and relieve you of your breathing problem.

There are a variety of eucalyptus trees and each of these species is used to derive eucalyptus oil which comes from the oil glands that are found in the leaves of these trees. Some of the species of this tree are Eucalyptus piperita, eucalyptus globules, eucalyptus radiata etc. Each of these species has its own special properties like for e.g. Eucalyptus globulus is used to remove the mucous from the respiratory tracts and also helps treat cold and headaches while eucalyptus radiate finds its usefulness in preventing an attack of cold and flu. These have been used as therapeutic remedies for cold, cough, chest congestion and other respiratory tract diseases.


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