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Aromatherapy Perfume


The most common and basic factor between all of us is that of perfumes. We are all crazy about perfumes and spend thousands of dollars on it. Earlier when perfumes were not so commonly used the use of spray was common and it was used in functions, marriages and parties but today using it on daily bases has become a common trend. Using perfumes while going out, for office, for meetings and children also use perfumes extensively. Perfume plays an important role today, if you are smelling good and have a pleasant smell around you it is all because of these perfumes that you use. Perfumes are also known to attract people. People often tend to give you a second glance if you are smelling good or if you are wearing good clothes, have a pleasing personality or a cute smile etc. Seeking a partner for life has also become based on perfumes.

What are aromatherapy perfumes?

Aromatherapy perfumes are basically used to attract the opposite sex, the scent sprayed produces pheromones in both male and female which makes the opposite sex attracted to the one who has applied this aromatic perfume. The most commonly used perfume today is that of jasmine and as it spreads a sweet smell and has a soothing effect on the mind, body and soul most of the people prefer this perfume. Aromatherapy perfumes are loved by all and are also preferred by all. Paris gained a world-wide importance of being the center for perfume making in the 17th century. Previously perfumes were made by extracting the oils from flowers, plants and natural herbs.

Is Aromatherapy an entirely new concept?

Aromatherapy is not a new concept; it has been around for many centuries all around the world. The meaning of aroma is smell and therapy means heal. When you are tired running around working at office and in your personal life there is the much needed balance for harmony is your life. Aromatherapy is known to help balance this as it has a unique quality of healing the body both internally as well as externally. Aromatherapy has been used by people all around the world as it is known to give you instant and effective results. Known to heal the body, mind and soul this method of alternative treatment was introduced to the world by the Chinese. They used to use this method not only to bring harmony within the body but also in their surroundings and in the society.

There are a variety of aromatic essential oils which have different effect on the body, mind and soul. They also help maintain the proper functioning of the internal parts of the body. Certain natural essential oils like eucalyptus oil is known for its antibiotic properties while oils like rosewood and sandalwood are known as good sedatives and neroli oil is used for its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-spasmodic properties. Oils like lavender, sandalwood, rosewood etc. are also used widely in the beauty industry in the form of cosmetics as these are all natural herb, plant and flower extracts they not only don’t have any side effects, they also give you the best of the results.


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