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Aromatherapy Herbs

There are many alternative therapies today but then the most known and effective therapy that gives a long lasting effect is aromatherapy. Aroma therapy involves the use of aromatic oils which are plant, flower or natural herb extracts. The origin of aroma therapy is China. The people of China made use of aromatic herbs to enhance their lives. These aromatic essential oils are extracts from natural herbs they are 100 percent safe and without any side effects.

What are aromatherapy herbs?

Natural herbs are found all around the world and there are nearly four hundred odd such aromatic herbs which are being used today. The most commonly used herbs are lemon grass, sandalwood, clove, nutmeg, sage, basil, parsley, rosemary, eucalyptus etc. These herbs are used almost every day and these can be used even at homes without prescription. These herbs do not have any side effects as they are all natural extracts.

Some of these herbs have medicinal value and if you are suffering from problems like acne, depression, diabetes, hair loss etc. then then there are particular aromatic herbs which when used helps relieve you of that particular ailment or disease. India is a natural resource for many of these herbs and like China, India are the main hubs which exports these herbs to different parts of the world.

Aromatherapy and Cosmetics

Cosmetics is one such industry which uses a lot of these herbs in their products. The use of aromatic herbs as one of the ingredients in cosmetics makes it a profitable business as the cosmetics containing one or more of these natural herbs have no side effects and used to cure many an ailments.

Herbs that are in use in a large quantity and the purpose of their use are mentioned as follows:

Lavender - The queen of all herbs is lavender and it is one of the most powerful of all herbs. This herb is used to treat many a mental ailments like anxiety, headaches, stress etc. It is also known to help relax your overstressed nerves. Apart from this lavender is effectively used to treat sunburns and fungal infections even those that are caused by insect or mosquito bites.

Tea - tree - This herb finds its usefulness in treating asthma, rashes, spots and tuberculosis. The most basic use of this herb is to cure you of infections and bacterial virus.

Garlic - Home remedies for various ailments have a special corner reserved for garlic as it plays an important role in your life. Garlic is not used as an anti-septic herb it is used as anti-bacterial herb. It is used to improve the functioning of the heart, respiratory tract diseases, digestive system etc.

Basils - Like garlic this too has a lot of medicinal value and is found in almost everyone’s garden. It not only adds beauty to your garden its fragrance reduces headaches, migraine etc. Basil can be added to your daily tea and it is known to improve your digestion if taken regularly.

All these above mentioned herbs have excellent healing properties and there have been no complaints or side effects associated with any of these above mentioned aromatic herbs.


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