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What Are Natural Antibiotics?

Antibodies occur naturally everywhere; these naturally occurring antibiotics are known to have immense healing properties as well as immense powers to build your immune system. The art of living healthy is important and having complete knowledge on healthy living will help you not only prevent common ailments but will also help you overcome these minor diseases using plant, flower and natural herbs.

Your kitchen is a store house for these natural substances which is found in your food or can be used food supplements. Paying attention to these natural antibiotics will benefit you in many ways.

Mentioned below are certain natural occurring antibiotics:

Garlic - Is known to have plenty of benefits, like onions this is high on anti-oxidants. It is known to cure many a body ailments like flues, cough, respiratory tract diseases and other diseases. Garlic is also known to heal ear and throat infections. Garlic is also known to cure problems like acne, pimples, heart ailments etc.

Vitamin C - Citrus fruits like amla, lemon, orange, lime etc. are all rich sources of vitamin C. These are known to be high on anti-oxidants and help treat cold, cough, fever, sore throat etc. Known to treat infections caused by AIDS. Polio, diphtheria, tetanus and other severe body conditions can be treated with the help of Vitamin C.

Tea Tree Oil - Known for its antiseptic properties it is used to clean wounds and prevents infections of the skin. It is also known to treat hemorrhoids, athlete’s food, yeast infections, nail fungus, ringworm and jock itch.

Witch Hazel - Useful in treating all types of skin ailments. It also helps clean small wounds, cuts. This is also used as a cleanser and is more effective than alcohol. It also clears bacterial infections that are caused due to open pores in the skin and also helps relieve you of your acne problem. Witch Hazel is also used to treat external body ailments and hemorrhoids.

Criticidal - Extracted from grapefruit, it slows down the bacterial growth in the body and is used as an additive in drinking water. It is used to treat diaper rash.

Colloidal Silver - Is a natural antibiotic and is used to slow down bacterial growth is used in water filters.

Turmeric - This has plenty of health benefits and it used as an antiseptic, mixed with neem powder it is effective in treating acne. Cold and cough can is treated using this powder.

Honey - A natural anti-oxidant and antiseptic it has a lot of health benefits, effective in treating skin ailments, finds its usefulness in beauty products as it has antioxidant properties and using it makes your skin glow making you look younger as it has anti-ageing properties.

Precautions to be taken

These are not substitute medication and you need to seek expert advice. It is also not a replacement for any treatment. Before you start using these natural home remedies you need to consult your doctor and seek advice for the same. As natural remedies are totally safe and without side effects there are no side effects and can be used safely to treat many a body ailments.


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