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Sitz Bath

Hip bath is also known as sitz bath, in this type of bath the hips and buttocks are in soaked in a saline solution or water. This name comes from the German verb Sitzen which means to sit. This is a type of hydrotherapy as it uses cold and hot water, hot steam and ice to maintain and restore your health. Sitz baths are known to increase the flow of blood in pelvic region and abdominal region. It also helps reduce the inflammation and a variety of other problems. Sitz bath uses on cold or hot water or it can use hot and cold water alternatively.

Hot sitz baths are recommended to people who are suffering from disorders like hemorrhoids, painful ovaries, prostate problems, muscular disorders, uterine cramps and testicle related problems. Alternately it is also helps treats constipation, inflammation, muscle disorders, impotence, vaginal discharge etc. Hot and cold water baths are alternatively used to relieve blood poisoning, foot infection, neuralgia, abdominal disorders, congestion, headaches, muscle disorders, swollen ankles etc.

What is the procedure of sitz bath?

To start off with fill in a basin or a tub with water, the level of water should be sufficient enough to cover your hips and should reach up to the middle of your abdomen. The basin or tub should be so placed that when you sit in this tub the water it should immerse your abdominal and pelvic region. If the size of the tub is not enough for you to sit completely then you can fill another tub or basin with warm water so that you can immerse your feet in that tub. You can also place this sitz bath in your bathtub, in order to increase the comfort of your body make use of a blanket or a sheet to cover up your body.

The temperature of the sitz bath should be according to your illness making sure that the temperature of the water is not more than 120 F. You can also increase the temperature of the water slowly from 90F at the beginning and can go up to 110F. The temperature of water in which your feet is immersed should be hotter than that of the water in which you have seated yourself 30 minutes. Pat dry yourself with a clean and dry towel.

If you are using a cold sitz bath then fill the basin or the tub with ice cold water and stay in this bath tub for not more than a minute as staying in this water will not benefit you but may cause some harm to you. Pat yourself dry with a towel. When you are using alternate hot and cold water baths then you need to fill the water which should be around 110F and the second bath tub should be filled with ice cold water. You should remain in this water for not more than 5 minutes, immerse yourself in the cold water tub and remain in this water for not more than 60 seconds. You need to repeat this procedure for at least 3-4 times before you pat yourself dry with a clean towel.


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