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The toxic wastes that get accumulated in the liver and colon get circulated in your body through your bloodstream. To lead a healthy life the liver and the colon should function efficiently. The efficient functioning of these two organs leads to a good health of your other bodily organs and tissues. Cleansing these two is important as it helps the proper functioning of the other body organs.

Cleansing Enema

The implant is retained for a few minutes and is used to flush off and helps cleanse the colon

Retention Enema

The implants or suppositories are held or kept in the body for about 15-20 minutes and its primary function is to help the liver get rid of the accumulated impurities. Enema should be avoided in case of rectal bleeding. Catnip tea enema: helps relieve congestion and constipation problems it also helps bring down the temperature immediately. This type of enema should not be given to children below the age of two. Make a solution of catnip tea pour it in the enema bag lubricate the tip of the bag with vitamin E oil as this will help insertion as well heal the anus and the colon lining easily. Aloe Vera can also be used.

Position yourself in such a way that the head is down and the rear up in case of pain change the position, taking long and deep breaths until pain subsides resume enema flow. Roll on your back and laying on your back massage your colon to loosen fecal matter moving your fingers up and down as well as your abdomen holding the solution for a few minutes before it is expelled out.

Coffee or Wheatgrass retention enema

This enema can be easily retained as it contains a small quantity of liquid. The solution of coffee is known to stimulate the liver and gallbladder releasing toxins that are flushed out of the body. This type of enema is helpful in case of serious illness as your body is exposed to toxins, for best results you can use it at the time of fasting as it helps relieve headaches. Wheatgrass retention enema is useful in treating cancer and many other chronic ailments. Wheatgrass enema and coffee retention enema can be used on alternate days.

Noteworthy points

Use of steam distilled water is important, use of cleansing method is important, coffee enema should not be used often. Cancer patients need to take enema more often. Excessive use of coffee enema depletes iron, vitamin and minerals storage in the body causing anemia. To rebuild the loss of vitamin B in the body the use of B-complex supplements is important as it helps re-build the liver providing the extra boost of energy in the body.

Lemon juice cleansing enema and proflora whey enema helps detoxify the body’s system, good for colon disorders like constipation and help fight against yeast infection. Whey enema benefits the body as it helps retain the friendly bacteria’s in the body; it also helps improve the digestive system as well as the assimilation of the essential nutrients in the body.


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