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Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

Colors have a lot of effect on your mood, health and behavior and this has been proved that your choice of colors are also related to your individual likes and dislikes. Cones in the retina are photoreceptors which are known to translate these energies into colors. There are three different kinds of cones in the retina and each of these cones is known to represent different colors. Each cone has one color via red, blue and green and the colors that you see are a combination of these three colors.

The energy emitted by these colors is known to stimulate the proper functioning of the pineal glands and the pituitary glands. These in turn help in the production of the body hormones which are known to affect the thought process going on in your body.

The choice of colors also effect mood swings as some of the colors are known to give you comfort while others are known to relax and sooth you. Blue color is known to bring about a feeling of calmness, peace, tranquility and relaxation. It is also known to lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart beat rates as well as maintain a proper balance of your respiration. It has also been proved that aggressive behavior in children can be controlled and makes them calm down if kept in surroundings where the color is blue.

The color of blue is also known to bring in a feeling of coolness where the temperature is hot and humid. This color also helps relieve back pain problems, painful ulcers, insomnia, rheumatism, inflammatory related disorders etc. The color of blue is also known to help your mind focus on the part of the body that needs healing. This has been proved that the color of the sky and that of the water brings about a feeling of calmness and oneness with the entire universe giving you a lot of peace and happiness.

Other colors like green also brings about the feeling of relaxation and soothing thus making your mind calm and cool. If you are suffering from depression than green surrounding will help you overcome depression. This color is also known to help you overcome exhaustions, heart ailments, and nervous disorders and to some extent even cancer. Violet is for peace and it also helps suppressing your appetite and helps overcome kidney and migraine problems.

Red color increases your heart beat, activity of the brain and respiration; it is also a color for passion, good for problems related to impotence, anemia, skin ailments, bladder infections etc. Avoid this color if you are suffering from hypertension. Pink color gives you a soothing effect relaxing your body muscles and is a good tranquilizer for aggressive and violent people best benefited for prisoners, hospitals, juvenile and for drug rehabilitation centers. This color evokes romance.

Orange stimulates appetite and helps reduce fatigue, it also helps reduce weakness, allergies and constipation. Color yellow increase your pulses, energizes your body, and relieves you of depression helps overcome muscular cramps, overactive thyroid, gallstones and hypoglycemia. Black brings a sense of power, strength and self-confidence. It also helps suppress appetite and helps lose weight.


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