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Chinese Medicines

Traditional Chinese medicines are known to prevent sickness. This mode of treatment helps you to find ways to cure yourself from various types of health problems. There are many Chinese medicines make use of herbs, acupressure massage, acupuncture and diet to help lead a good and healthy life. The main purpose of Chinese medication is to not only supply the body with the required essential vitamins, minerals but also to help retain the balance of these in the body. Maintaining the balance of these essential nutrients is the only way to lead a healthy life.

The yin and yang concept to lead a well-balanced life has been taught by the Chinese for centuries. The yin and yang are already present in your body as well as in nature. Yang represents light and heat while yin represents cold and shadow. The months are seasons are also represented in these two i.e. yang and yin. Dryness and the heat of the summer are represented by yang and the wet monsoon and the cold winters are represented by the yin. Energy in the body is represented by yang and blood in the body by yin.

It has been proved that excess of heat or yang in a person leads to obesity. They are also short tempered having high blood pressure. The best remedy to overcome the effect of yang is to have foods that benefit them like bananas, soy products, asparagus and fruits like watermelon. If people who are listless and tire easily or are of a quite personality have yin or have excess of cooling properties. To overcome this problem they need to have foods like beef, ginger, lamb, pepper, garlic etc.

Yin foods give you a cooling effect while yang foods are known to generate heat in the body. There are certain foodstuffs which are known to be neutral like the black beans, carrots, cabbages, lemon, rice and whole grain foods. These neutral foods are known to balance the body and help maintain the overall health. But to maintain a good health the use of yang and yin along with these neutral foods is of utmost importance.

As the foodstuffs are divided into three categories medicinal herbs are also divided into three groups namely yang, yin and neutral. These herbs are known to be extremely powerful and should be taken under the guidance of an experienced healer who has been trained in this mode of medications. Today Traditional Chinese Remedies have become very popular and people all around the world are using this mode of medication to treat as this mode of treatment is absolutely safe.

Cordyceps is an herbal plant which is found in very isolated places of China and there are more than 200 odd such wild species of cordyceps. It has the power to the effect of radiation, also lowers blood pressure, respiratory tract diseases, reduces the attacks of asthma, helps increase energy levels, improves memory power, and increases the male sexual drive. Velvet antler on the other had boost your energy level, makes you mentally alert and also increases your sexual drive, lowers your blood pressure as well as the cholesterol levels and this herb is also known to reduce PMS symptoms. Velvet antler is also effectively used as anti-inflammatory medicine.


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