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Alternative Medicines

What are herbal or alternative remedies?

The use of natural substances like plants and botanical flowers and herbs are known as herbal remedies. Though this alternative mode of treatment has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, studies has shown that this form of treatment using natural elements like these have been in use since time immemorial. The increase in alternative remedies or herbal remedies is more so because these are easily available and secondly these have no side effects.

Most of the over the counter medication that are bought or sold are all medication that have their roots from these natural substances. Though modern day medications are used to treat diseases but then the derivatives have been from the very roots of these naturally occurring substances like opium is extracted from the poppy plant seeds so also aspirin from the bark of the willow trees, quinine is extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree.

Aspirin was the first to hit the market in its artificial version and the company which created the synthetic form of the much used medication aspirin is the Friedrich Bayer Company and this company had the patent rights for this medication till the end of the 1st world war when it was seized and further sold off.

In the early 1917's the patent rights of this drug expired and in 1918 was purchased by a US based company named Sterling Drug and though the name Aspirin was used the chemical composition was much different than the original version and it has been used as a painkiller since the time it first entered the market .

It has been found that nearly half of the world's population above the age of 30 most of the people have used these herbal remedies to treat various minor ailments. The reason for this is that it is not only easily available but also cost far lesser than the modern day medication and come with absolutely no side effects.

Alternative or herbal remedies have gained popularity as they use a lot of commonly found herbs which are helpful to treat day to day ailments without the fear of long term or short term side effects. Though as mentioned above that alternative remedies are helpful in treating minor ailments its use does not help substitute the other health related problems and the use of these alternative remedies or herbal remedies should be taken under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

Alternative remedies helps you to maintain a good health if you deem it fit to change your lifestyle and take care of diet. These alternative remedies are no substitute for the modern day medications and the most important factor of these alternative medications is that they help you build up the body's immunity, prevents aging etc if you follow a well balanced nutritional diet along with a systematic and regular regime of exercises. There are a number of herbal medication available in the market today but then you need to do a bit of research work before you spend money on these herbal remedies.


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