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Acupuncture, A Second Rebirth In The West

Western countries or rather the more developed countries have never been open to alternative mode of medicines. Today people of the western countries are realizing the limitation of modern day medications, this realization mainly drawn due to homeopathic medicines. It has also been found that the modern day medications though effective due to its strong composition has always left behind a bad picture of side effects some of which are temporary while some have a more long lasting and prominent side effect due to prolonged use.

Homeopathic mode of treatment as well as acupuncture has been in use for more than thousand years. The history of acupuncture dates back to nearly 5000 years and was first practiced by the Chinese people. In this mode of treatment the body is divided into 12 meridians or parts. Each of these meridians is known to control some or the other body organ. It was seen that if the persons mind and body was healthy it meant that the Qi or chi was in balance. If there was any imbalance then the person suffered from many body ailments which included depression.

Acupuncture is given to balance the Qi or chi in the body using needles which when used on certain points are known to create pressure along the lines of the meridian thus bringing back the Qi or chi to balance. With its long line of positive history it has been found not only easy to locate these lines but also get very effective and positive results. A word of caution is that you need to get acupuncture done through a qualified person as an unqualified person or treatment done through a person who is still learning this art of treating people may lead to ineffective treatment and soreness of the part which was punctured.

The effect of Acupuncture in the United States:

America has become the second home to acupuncture wherein many people are turning towards this mode of treatment, even though scientific facts shows that this mode of treatment was quite popular in the early 20th century it was only in late 20th century that it caught the attention of the people when the then president of united states visited china and the president had the opportunity to watch an open heart surgery being performed without the use of anesthesia and used acupuncture instead.

Today American widely use acupuncture to treat many a body ailments which includes fibromyalgia which to date has no modern day medication to treat it effectively. Though this is an old art of treating many body ailments it has shown to have very effective and positive results and there have been no side effects or there have been no complaints so far that it has caused any bodily harm to the person who was treated with acupuncture. Aromatherapy, acupuncture is alternate modes of treatments which have shown very good and positive results. These mode of alternate treatment needs to be done with complete knowledge.


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