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Acupuncture For Sciatica

What is sciatic nerve?

The longest and the most influential of all the nerves in the body is the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs right down into the spinal cord and also along the sides of your legs. You must have experienced pain sometime or the other in the sciatica nerve well this is not a disease it's just a symptom which involves pain in a specific region or place which may or may not be linked with any illness or for that matter bodily injury.

It has been found that severe cases of sciatica has been interlinked with spinal cord degeneration which could have led to minor injuries causing damage to the spine discs leading to swelling or bone related ailments in the spinal cord. Apart from this there are many other reasons why you can develop pain in the sciatic nerve though the reason has yet to be found and confirmed.

How has acupuncture been helpful in treating sciatica?

Acupuncture as you know is an ancient mode of treatment used by the people of China nearly 5000 years ago. This mode of treatment gained popularity in the western world in the early 70's. Acupuncture is traditionally explained as stimulating body points which helps in the free flow of Qi or Chi allowing the body to balance thus creating an overall wellbeing. The blockage of energy in the body leads to imbalance thus creating pain in that particular body part as in this mode of treatment the body is divided into 12 meridians and each meridian includes a body organ, imbalance in any one of these meridians leads to pain or other bodily ailments.

Acupuncture makes use of small needles which helps stimulate the body nerves thus restoring the flow of energy in the body and bringing back the balance and wellness in the body.

Are there any side effects related to this mode of treatment?

Acupuncture has been widely used to treat many a minor and major body ailments which include chronic health problems as well as other problems like fertility, sinus related problems etc. acupuncture has found its effective use in treating sciatica and there have been no cases of any side effects. This mode of treatment is so safe that even during pregnancy women can undergo this treatment though with the consent of her physician.

Cost factor leading to this mode of treatment:

Lymphatic related problems should not make use of this mode of treatment but apart from that and a few other ailments this is one of the surest and safest mode of treatment especially when it comes to treating problems related to sciatica. This mode of treatment is known to give relief almost instantly and the cost of the treatment is negligible compared to the modern day medications and does not have any side effects. This mode of treatment is a better option than the modern day medication which makes use of pain killers which do give you instant relief but only temporally with long term side effects.


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