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Acupuncture For Cancer Patients

Acupuncture was first practiced by the Chinese nearly 5000 years ago as a traditional mode of treatment which was used in balancing the Qi or the Chi or in other words balancing the flow of energy in the body. In this method of treatment needles were inserted into the skin at predefined points in the body which is known to help release the blocked energy or the Chi thus bringing balance in the body.

Modern day science is unable to ascertain the working of acupuncture but then it does believe that the stimulation of certain impulses on the nerves helps the chemical process thus helping release the flow of energy in the body. Acupuncture has shown its effectiveness in curing certain chronic ailments which even the modern day medications have not been able to help out.

Cancer treatment and acupuncture

Acupuncture has been effectively shown its usefulness in treating and relieving pain for people suffering from cancer as the chemotherapy drugs that are administered during treatment has shown to have some temporary side effects and some permanent side effects.

Some of the side effects which are seen in almost all types of cancer treatments are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite etc. acupuncture has helped in treating nausea and vomiting as it has not only relieved these symptoms but has also brought about a relief from stress and other symptoms like anxiety.

Various acupuncture related treatments

Acupuncture is a traditional mode of treatment though with the development in science and research this mode of treatment has seen a few variations which are used along with the traditional treatment too like electro acupuncture where the use of electrical impulses are used to stimulate the nerves in the form of needles, acupressure in this mode of treatment pressure points are pressed to stimulate the flow of energy in those body parts and finally comes the TENS of the transdermal electrical nerve stimulation where electric current is passed into the body without the breakage of the skin thus generating the flow of energy in the body.

What are the peripheral signs and symptoms that cancer patients suffer from?

Cancer treatment leaves behind scars both on the mind as well as body and some of the peripheral signs and symptoms are tiredness followed with fatigue, soreness and sometimes dryness in the mouth, numbness, breathlessness, mood swings, temperature fluctuations, bleeding gums, poor appetite etc. Acupuncture has helped overcome most of these problems to a great extent thus bringing in the side effects to the barest minimal. The cost of acupuncture being low has been used along with modern day medications or chemotherapy and radiation therapy while treating cancer patients.

Apart from this in this mode of treatment there is no side effects as in case of mode rn day medications, it has been found convenient as it is inexpensive. Acupuncture has been used to treat ailments which the modern day medications or for that matter the latest science and technology has failed to give positive results.


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