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Acupuncture Doctors

Acupuncture as you know is a traditional way of treating people wherein small needles are used to balance the Qi or the Chi in the body thus relieving the pain. This method of treatment was used by the Chinese nearly 5000 years ago, it was believed that an imbalance in the Qi or Chi lead to many a body ailments both major and minor. Balance in Qi was known to pass energy in the body thus if there was a blockage in the flow of energy it lead to health related ailments. Today there are two forms of acupuncture that is followed or practiced. One is the traditional Chinese for and the other is the medical doctors who are trained to treat patients by both the modern day medications as well as medical acupuncture.

Medical acupuncture is done in a more sophisticated environment such as a clinic or a hospital. In this kind of atmosphere the acupuncture mode of treatment is used to treat the signs and symptoms while the modern day medications are administered to treat the problem or the ailment.

This mode of treatment has been successfully used in treating cancer patients as it helps relieve the pain and suffering that is caused to a patient who undergoes chemotherapy, here acupuncture is used to relieve the patient of the pain, thus rendering more success to the treatment.

What is the maj or difference between medical acupuncture and traditional Chinese acupuncture?

Chinese acupuncture believes that when there is no flow of energy or Qi it leads to body ailments thus to regulate this flow of energy specific points are pressed using acupunct ure needles, while in medical acupuncture believes stimulating points on the body part helps release chemicals which are known to affect the body's nervous system. These releases of chemicals prevent or sometimes cause pain.

Both acupressure and acupuncture are traditional methods of treatment used by the people of china; it has shown to help treat many a body ailments including respiratory tract diseases. Acupuncture has gained a lot of importance in the western world today as it has helped treat problems like backaches, arthritis, headaches, fertility problems etc. without the use of modern day medications which are known to have side effects some temporary and some permanent.

Homeopathy as well as herbal treatments have also added an extra benefit to tho se who undergo acupuncture treatment as even in these modes of treatments stimulating the body with chemicals in small dosage helps release the flow of energy. Today along with acupuncture and acupressure other alternate modes of treatment are getting a fast recognition for its safe and harmless but sure and effective relief from body ailments.

Yet another thing that has come to the notice is that along with the modern day methods of treatment the use of these alternate modes of treatment has shown to give better results as the use of pain killers is highly reduced thus enabling the patient to endure pain without much fear or without the use of painkillers to relieve them of their pain and sufferings.


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