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Acupuncture As Treatment For Back Pain

Acupuncture is an ancient art of healing, it has been in existence for nearly 5000 years now and the Chinese were the first to make use of this art to treat many a body ailments. This form of treatment is based on balancing the Qi or chi in the body or in other words the body is divided into 12 meridians and each meridian has some or the other body organ associated with it.

It was found that an imbalance in the Qi or chi could lead to body ailments, thus setting it right was the way out to reduce pain, depression etc. in the body. This form of treatment is safe and does not have any side effects.

Acupuncture and back ache:-

Unlike the modern day medication which gives you temporary relief from back pain, this mode of treatment has shown its long standing benefits and today acupuncture is widely being used even in the western world as the safest mode of treatment to help relieve you of your back pain.

Treating a pain in your lower back is a major problem and acupuncture has shown its ineffectiveness if it has been related to just your back pain but when there is a reason for the pain in your lower back especially if you have had any back injury or may have suffered from some illness due to which you may have developed back pain then there are a number of treatments which are related to acupuncture and these have shown to help you get some relief in comparison to other modes of treatment.

What are the different ways by which acupuncture has shown its effectiveness?

As mentioned above acupuncture is a mode of treatment wherein importance is given to balance the Qi in the body, there are a number of points both on your legs as well as your lower back which are the reasons for causing you back pain. The points are stimulated using needle pricks i.e. acupuncture, acupressure wherein the points are stimulated using pressure and sham acupuncture or electro-acupuncture where cocktail sticks are used to stimulate the points.

Acupuncture or any of the above mentioned modes of treatment to reduce and cure your lower back pain has shown to be effective. It has also been proved to be effective and harmless even during pregnancy or if you are suffering from any lymphatic related problems.

Documentation evidence has shown that acupuncture is now being used safely in the western world and it has become the second home for this mode of treatment. The increase in the popularity of this mode of treatment is that firstly it is safe and without the fear of any harmful side effects, secondly it can be used discreetly without anyone knowing that you are undergoing treatment, thirdly it is far less expensive and does not need any unwanted tests or x-rays to be carried to find the root cause of the problem. Acupuncture is indeed a boon to the society as it relieves you of any bodily pain and ailments without the fear of side effects.


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