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Acupuncture And Fertility

There have been many cases where couples face problems related to conceiving. The reason behind not conceiving may be many, but with the advancement in science and technology there are many ways in which it has helped childless couple become parents. Majority of the modern day treatment are time consuming, complicated and last but not the least expensive. Apart from this the side effects due to the chemicals are numerous. There are simple cases wherein small changes can help couples conceive without actually undergoing any vast and extensive treatment.

Many natural and conventionally traditional methods are there which help increase the fertility rate in the person thus improving their chances of conceiving. Though some of these traditional methods have not shown positive results expect acupuncture wherein there has been far more promising results than other traditional methods.

How does acupuncture help increase fertility in women?

Though acupuncture is a traditional method of treating people and has a history of nearly 5000 years and was first used by the Chinese, it has gained a lot of popularity with the western world especially in women who face difficulty in conceiving. The main reason for its increase in popularity is not only its effectiveness but its zero percent side effects as there are no chemical drugs used and also as it is cost effective. Apart from this, acupuncture can does not need any prior appointments and can be done at a short time notice without any unnecessary tests or medical opinions.

Does acupuncture truly work on fertility problems?

The main aspect of acupuncture is to balance the Qi or Chi i.e. the various energy levels in the body. Ones the balance of this is maintained then there is no stoppage of energy from flowing into all the 12 meridians in which acupuncture mode of treatment is divided into. It has been found that any imbalance in any one of the 12 meridians leads to a number of body ailments starting from depression to pain in the body to infertility etc.

The balancing of the Qi helps release the necessary complex chemicals in the body to help the fertilization process to take place naturally in the body. Here there is no chemical involved thus it does not cause any damage to the fertility organs of the body. It has been found that women suffering from infertility related problems due to hormonal imbalance have found acupuncture effective, not only this women suffering from problems due to ovulation and endometriosis have also found acupuncture to be very effective, less expensive and less time consuming without the hassles of undergoing unnecessary tests etc.

Science and research has proved that the use of acupuncture along with IVF mode of treatment to conceive has shown an increase in more than 20% chances of conceiving during the first IVF sitting itself thus benefiting you from unnecessary heartbreaks and unnecessary expenses.

Does acupuncture help in male fertility related problems?

Yes, acupuncture has definitely helped in increasing the quality as well as the quantity of the sperm count. Thus helping males to overcome unwanted stress and preventing depression from setting in.


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